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Transport Benefit

All you need is your Cobee VISA card and you can make purchases of any means of public transport.

You have €136.36 (National Regime) per month to use this product.

* Remember that if you are registered under the Régimen Floral, you cannot use Cobee for your transport purchases.

Transport (2)

- Public transport: it must be affordable for the majority of society.

- Collective transport: at least seven (7) people can use it at the same time.

Where can I not use it?

  • Skates and bicycles: although they are for public use, they are not a collective transport.
  • Gasoline: your private car is not considered as public nor collective transport.
  • Taxis/Uber/Cabify: This type of service does not meet the requirement, established by law, of being a means of public and collective transportation.
  • Airplanes: although they are considered as public transport, they are not considered public, as they are not easily accessible to the majority of a society.
If you try to make a purchase in one of those establishments, an error message will appear on your app, in the "Expenses" checkbox.