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Training Benefit

  • Log into your App and click on the Benefits page
  • Click on "Training"
  • Click on "Request course" and fill in the form. It will only take 1 minute!
    (always give the date of the training request as a Starting date).

training course

What happens now?

The request will be sent to your company's Human Resources team. They will decide whether or not to approve the course. What does this depend on?

  • The law states that for a course to be accepted your company's Human Resources department must consider that it directly benefits your job performance.

My course has been accepted

Congratulations! If your course is approved, you will receive an email notifying you how many payrolls the payment will be divided into. You will be able to see month by month how much you are saving!


I need to cancel my course request

The application is managed through your company. They are in charge of informing us of any changes.Please contact them so that we can manage it.


It is very important that you ask the entity where you will develop the course to issue the invoice in the name of your company.