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Reasons why you won’t be able to make a purchase

Your transaction could be rejected for several reasons. In any case, you will be able to see it on the App.

Invalid Market

You cannot use your card because you tried to make a purchase in an establishment that does not correspond to the hotel/ restaurant or public transport market.

Most common examples are:

  • Supermarkets


It is not possible to use your Cobee card in supermarkets as they do not belong to the restaurant market. While it is true that we do buy food there most of the time, this isn’t always the case. As it is impossible to differentiate food purchase from non food purchase, the payment cannot be allowed with the Cobee card.

  • Airports


Most of the time, restaurants situated inside airports belong to the airport market and not to the restaurant one, that is why it is not possible to pay with the Cobee card in those restaurants. 

  • Hotels

While it is common for hotels to welcome one or several restaurants inside their establishment, they are most of the time registered under the hotel market and not the restaurant one. Which is why the payment with the Cobee card is not possible in those restaurants.


  • Taxis/Uber/Cabify


These types of services do not comply with the requirements, established by law, to be public and collective transports.

  • Bicycles/ Electric scooters


The Cobee card cannot be used to pay the use of bicycle or electric scooters as those latter do not comply with the requirements, established by law, to be public and collective transports.

Monthly limit

monthly limit

It means that you have exceeded the monthly limit allowed for either your food or transportation benefit. But don't worry, we are sure that next month is just around the corner. Your available balance will return to its maximum and your consumption to its minimum (zero).

Insufficient company balance


The expenses you make with Cobee correspond to the current month. Therefore, the Cobee card is a debit card and, like any other card, it requires that there be funds available in the account from which the expenses come. In the case of insufficient funds in the account, we will be working with your company’s HR team in order to solve the issue as soon as possible.

After Hours


The reason why the transaction has not been approved is because your benefits are set, by your company, with a time limit and you have tried to make a purchase outside of it. You can check your settings here.