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How does Cobee affect my income tax return?

We answer your questions about the impact of Cobee on the tax return.

When you receive your paycheck every month, you will see that a series of tax deductions are made from it. These deductions have been calculated on the total annual amount of the expected income from your salary.

These data of the monthly deduction plus the salary you have received as well as the exact consumption made through Cobee, are declared by the company itself to the Treasury on a regular basis. This is why it is already available in the draft when the tax return is filed: you do not have to enter it manually or make any changes.

Flexible remuneration in the declaration

When you receive the draft tax return, the monetary remuneration (the first figure referring to our income from work) already takes these factors into account: The taxable base or monetary remuneration is already reduced by all consumption that is exempt from payment of income tax (those included in flexible remuneration).

For example, if an employee is paid €50,000 per year and has made a consumption of €2,580.95 in Cobee during the year, you will see the following on your statement:

Tab 6

Will it have an effect on the outcome of the declaration?

The tax deductions made month by month have been calculated on the total amount of the expected income from your salary during a year.

By using Cobee, we have lowered our tax base each month and therefore the deductions made during the year will certainly have been higher than they should have been.

As a result and although it is subject to many factors, the return is more likely to go out and be returned.

Why does the exact figure not appear in the draft?

Very easily, to avoid confusion, and so that it can be declared as income, the AEAT directly does not put it in the draft.

If I make a change in my income from work, how will it affect the consumption of Cobee?

Under no circumstances will a change in income affect the consumption of Cobee, although the change may affect the result of the declaration.